Triumph Stag BMW Differential Conversion
Differential unit for the Triumph Stag using the reliability of BMW parts fitted together with WESLAKE manufactured components, making this a direct replacement for the standard Stag differential requiring NO MODIFICATIONS to your Stag or associated parts. Available with various ratios of crown wheel and pinion.

Standard BMW Ratios are 3.72 to 1 3.64 to 1 and 3.46 to 1

The standard Triumph Stag Ratio is 3.7 to 1

A limited slip version is now also available using the standard BMW LSD unit. From £2250 +VAT.

The most popular choice to date have been the 3.64 to 1 on manual cars and the 3.46 to 1 on cars with the BW35 auto box (this reduces the engine speed compared to road speed and has been found particularly useful when cruising at speed)